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How Does it Work?

browse button myPrice.com.au maintains a large database for all your favourite brands and lists the prices that you could be paying if bought at the bottom of the grocery specials price cycle. Take me to the Grocery Prices
laptop button Joining myPrice allows you to start a shopping list or price book, save it for future reference and create a unique profile. It's Free to Join!
add items button Keep track of your favourite food prices in your shopping list and when it's on sale at a price you want to pay we'll be sure to let you know

Explore More...

email out button When you have completed your shopping list or price book, email or print the list and take it on your next visit to the supermarket to help you compare the prices in store
dollar button Contribute to the community and add the maximum price that you are prepared to pay for items in your shopping list. We call that “myPrice” because it's your price and it's saved to your profile
social button Join the conversation and share some of your bargain hunting wisdom in your profile. We'd love to here what mantra you live by


Free Samples

Pure Via are offering a free sample of their natural sweetener if you fill out the request form. Follow this link for more details Free Pure Via Sample.

Smart Shopper

It hasn't taken long for Woolworths to see the benefits of a fully functional smartphone app to help you with your everyday shopping, so we decided to take a closer look.

My Specials (login required) – This is the most revealing feature of this app. It shows you weekly specials based on products that you appear to have purchased previously. Therefore, qualifying an urban myth that the big chains link your credit card or rewards cards specifically to your spending habits. The only way to keep it personal is to use cash.